where to find rubedo in warframe

Rubedo is a key element in the crafting of high level (Lv. 50+) equipment via dismantling at a Recycler and upgrading at a Blacksmith using Grade 9 materials. The availability of this scarce resource makes it difficult to efficiently farm that much needed ingredient to craft powerful weapons and armors for your party members.

where to find rubedo in warframe

It can be found on Phobos, Earth, Pluto, Europa, Sedna and the Orokin Void regions. It is usually found in quantities of 15 to 25, and is a key ingredient in the production of Warframe Chassis and Neuroptics, as well as many weapons.

In this article, I will discuss where to farm Rubedo most effectively.

The best place to farm Rubedo is Chapter 2. After obtaining the passcode from Ch.1, do the following:

1) Go into Warehouse 5 and open locker #87 to obtain a Power Booster S.

2) After that, go back to the elevator where you came up. Use this newly acquired Power Booster and ride it up to the next floor.

3) At this point you will meet up with some Resistance members that are trying to hold off the Chimera forces. Defeat all of the Chimera Combatants(the red barrels that they spawn from can be destroyed for more points). Now head over to where your buddies are standing and use the computer console on top of the crate. Select “Download Data” and the Data Transfer will begin.

4) After this is finished, head back to the elevator where you came in earlier. Use this newly acquired passcode,  677043# to gain access to the next floor. At this point you should level up enough to reach at least Level 5 or 6.

5) Once on this floor, go towards the locker that you just unlocked and open it to receive a free Power Booster M. After opening the locker, head east down the long hallway until you see a transporter. Use your Power Booster to jump onto the transporter and ride up to the next level.

6) Grab one of those free Energy Sages that the Resistance members were nice enough to leave and place it in front of you, then press (X), (O) and (Triangle) all at the same time. This will create a more powerful version of your Energy Sage, which is very helpful during this farming session.

7) Go back towards where you got the energy sage and you should see some panels against the wall. Charge up your Energy Sage with (Triangle) until it is maxed out, then place it on the first panel right in front of the Chimera that comes out of the door.

8) After killing this wave of chimera, pick up your Energy Sage which by now should be recharged. If not, you can place it down in front of another panel and wait for the next wave of Chimera to come out. Trick is to keep placing it on panels, kill the new wave of Chimera with (X),  (O) and (Triangle). Keep doing this over and over again until you have killed all of the Chimera forces.

9) At this point you should have at least 100,000+ points and an over-load of Rubedo. After killing all of the Chimera, head back down to where you got your Energy Sage and pick it up again, then place it on a panel near where you came in to get another wave or Chimera.

10) Keep doing this step over and over again until you run out of Energy Sage juice. Every new round should give you around 100,000+ points. Just make sure to pick up the Energy Sage after each wave or else it will disappear. After doing this for awhile I leveled up from Level 5 to level 21(Max).


This is the best place that I have found to farm Rubedo efficiently. You get tons of points each time you kill a new wave, so leveling up is not really an issue after doing this for awhile.

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