How to Reach Observer Rank with the Quills in Clash Royale

Clash Royale’s March 2016 update came with a lot of new cards, cards that even got changed. One of these changes was the Quills’ charge speed increased by 25%!

However, I still think this change won’t be that big of an impact, because you usually have already enough elixir to play the card.

What is the Observers Rank and What do I Need to Do to Reach it?

The Observer’s Rank is Clash Royale’s newest Ranking and the goal for this is to reach 8000+ trophies. As soon as you hit 7,000 (around 3400+), you can already see yourself in the “Players” section at 8,000+ trophies.

As I said above, players can get points from other players attacking them or them attacking other players.

How to get Points?

If you win a multiplayer battle, you can win up to 7 points (the Trophy Push Ranking features 13 points right now). If you lose the battle, you’ll still get 1 point for defending and 3 if your opponent counter attacks your base. This means that only players with a good amount of trophies can get points.

After each multiplayer battle, you’ll see the amount of opponents and opponents that attacked your base (although there is no info about what kind of card they used). If you wonder how much time has to pass so another player can add their point, well… I don’t know. Normally it should be 12 hours for each player, but it doesn’t work this way.

The number of points you get is not only depending on the opponent’s clan, but also on their trophies. The more trophies they have, the less points are possible for them to score.

How to Reach Observer Rank With the Quills

The Quills are definitely one of the best cards in the game. Even though they became stronger with this new update, I don’t know if it’s enough to get you into the Observer’s Rank.

Mostly every deck is incorporating them now, because they’re really good against almost all decks since their charge speed got increased by 25%.

Besides the regular Hog Cycle, currently there are two decks which you can use to get points. The first one is with the Bowler and the second one with the Giant Skeleton (the normal Pekka isn’t that popular anymore). You can find both of these decks here.

The Benefits of Becoming an Observer on Twitch with the Quills

The Observer’s Rank is very important for any player that wants to upload their gameplay on Twitch. I honestly don’t see the point in uploading your gameplay if you’re not an Observer yet, because it will look like crap.

Most of the viewers are probably searching for good players who have reached the Observer’s Rank and this should be one of your goals when you play Clash Royale.

In my opinion, if you want to upload your gameplay on Twitch, it’s better to use decks like the Giant Bowler or Hog Trifecta (which also works good against the Elite Barbarians) which are really stalemating and can help you reach higher trophies than with any other deck.

How to be an Observer on Twitch with the Quills

In my opinion, you’re either a good player who reaches the top 5 of your region or a great streamer. Most of these players have a really high trophy range and they need a lot of trophies to get into the first place of their respective leaderboard. This can take a while, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Streamer on Twitch

As I said before, you’ve got to be either a good player or a great streamer if you want to get into the Observer’s Rank with the Quills. If you’re new to streaming and/or still don’t have that much viewers, it’s probably better to get a few 100+ level trophies so you can get around 20 points per battle. This should be enough to get a good viewer, but you still have to try and get more if possible.

Of course this doesn’t mean that your journey is over after reaching 200+ trophies with the Quills. If you’re an awesome streamer, you’ve got to keep on improving your skills and also make sure that you are getting more viewers. You can’t expect them to come if you don’t work hard for it!


Reaching the Observer’s Rank is a long journey, but it will definitely pay off in the end. If you’re new to Clash Royale or want to improve your gameplay, this guide + the decks I mentioned should help you. Good luck!

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